If you want to join one of the networks managed by WASLA, please fill in the application form of the network you are interested in. The application is available on the page of each network.

The application is ongoing and you can apply at anytime during the year.

No, you can’t. If there is no application form on the network page, it means WASLA is not the responsible organization of this network.

There are two types of networks’ memberships:

  1. Organizations or informal groups
  2. Individuals

Networks’ membership for organizations or informal groups:

EMYF German National Network:

  1. German Youth organization/ German young people informal group mainly working with young people for young people.



  1. Arab communities organizations located in one of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe


Neworks’ membership for individuals

  • ADYPE :
  1. Young people aged 18-35 with Arabic background
  2. Young people who are currently living in one of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe
  3. Team spirit with ability to establish and maintain good relationships with people of different national and cultural background
  4. Ability to show initiative and to work with minimal supervision
  5. Computer skills and ability to use relevant software applications and internet.
  6. Excellent research and drafting skills, when needed
  7. Proficiency in one of the working language of the Network, English, German and/ or Arabic is essential. Knowledge of another language would also be considered as a strong asset.


  • NAS :
  1. Individuals aged 35+ with no age limit having an Arabic background
  2. Individuals currently living in one of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe 
  3. Individuals who have made a positive impact in his/ her society, business, professional career, etc
  4. Individuals who are not representatives of any of the Arab communities organizations that is a registered member of NAS.


NAS Membership Benefits: 

  1. To be connected with associations and individuals interested in promoting the Arabic culture and values
  2. To expand the network of contacts
  3. To develop mutual projects
  4. To promote a good image of Arabic people in Europe
  5. To increase your exposure at an European level
  6. To find inspiration from people on the same path

The membership decision will be taken by the Network’s steering committee meeting every 3 months.

In case you are invited for an interview, WASLA will arrange an online meeting between you and the Network’s steering committee.

All networks managed by WASLA are free of charge

You will be informed via email. The membership decision will be taken by the steering committee every three months.

You can contact our support team to offer your further counselling and guidance for applying for future applications.


You will get notifications via email regarding the meetings of the network, new partnerships and opportunities promoted by each network.