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To reach international peace, we should use the power of cultural dialogue for empowering, encouraging and building the appropriate skills to advocate for the positive change.


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Active citizenship

The power of active citizenship can change a community, a region, a city and a country for the better. Active citizens can support democratic cooperation based on the acceptance of human rights and diversity.

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Social inclusion

The need to support the participation of every individual to the society should be strengthen by concrete actions taken irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, or socio-economic background.

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Cultural exchange

Opportunities that foster cultural immersion are windows of self-awareness and help to better understand one’s own culture, traditions. Direct interaction helps people to understand each other’s values and norms.

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Innovation & Sustainability

The drivers of innovation are regularly evolving. As a result, there is a global need to work on the untapped innovation potential using creativity to solve problems related to sustainability. 

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Publishing Diasporic Literature Books of Arab Diaspora writers and authors

WASLA publishes mainly for the Arab writers and authors in Diaspora but also interested in all kind of cooperation between Arab Diaspora writers, authors, artists and Europeans, mainly Germans and non-native Arabic speakers keen on publishing or creating projects together.

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